Mobile Planetarium show at Infosys – Dec 2014

On 20th Dec, 2014 I conducted a mobile planetarium show for Infosys as a member of my amateur astronomers group called ‘Akashmitra’. My co-member Amol Kankariya who also is a part of Infosys Pune’s astronomy club called ‘Orion Astronomy club’ volunteered with me to do this show.

A mobile planetarium is an inflated dome on which stars can be projected and people can be shown constellations and stars of the night sky. About 600 people attended our show in about 4 hours.

I was helped by members of Orion Astronomy club viz Mandar Atave, Siddharth, Anuj Kankariya and Pallavi.




Amol taking the show


From L to R: Siddharth, Pallavi, Dhruv, Mandar, Anuj and Amol

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2 Responses to Mobile Planetarium show at Infosys – Dec 2014

  1. rsangole says:

    A great way to spread the love of astronomy, this mobile planetarium. Have any pictures from the inside while its projecting?

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