10k Steps a Day in 2018

I have started taking the 10,000 steps a day challenge in 2018 and it has been great fun so far (May 4th, 2018). I realize the importance of healthy lifestyle which alongside good food habits also includes about an hour’s physical exercise everyday.

I cover about 4000 steps throughout the day in college/workplace and get to finish the remaining steps during a workout that includes running for about 40 minutes. Striving to meet the 10k steps goal everyday also helps me conquer other goals during the day. I believe running isn’t a matter of stamina or speed but that of great willpower, patience and perseverance. Here is an interesting article I found on the Internet on why recruiters should hire marathon runners. It lists down several qualities in runners so essential in professional life. I wrote an article too on my take on health and lifestyle these days and you can find it here.

Below is a graph showing the total steps I’ve covered so far (May 4th, 2018) and the required number of steps. Those of you who follow the sport of cricket would find this similar to the caterpillar graphs shown during cricket matches. As of May 4th 2018, I am at 1,516,187 steps (41.5% of the goal completed) and the required steps by this day are 1,240,000.

Some day I hope to be able to run from Pune to Mumbai (about 130km).




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