My Talks and Seminars

I consider academics very seriously and dedicate significant portion of my time on preparing presentations and seminars on my academic work. From my 1st year of Undergraduate Engineering, I have given several talks at a local amateur astronomy club in Pune called ‘Akashmitra‘ (which means friends of the sky in the local language – Marathi). At Akashmitra, like minded people interested in astronomy come together for academic discussions on astronomy. Along with these talks, I also receive several invitations to give talks at colleges in the city based on my project work and experience.

1. Lecture on “Astronomy for Engineering Undergraduates” at MKSSS’s Cummins College of Engineering for Women , Pune on 7th November 2017. Spoke on the topic “Astronomy For Engineering Undergrads” for a group of 200 students interested to contribute to astronomy from the engineering side. dhruv cummins.png

2. Lecture on “Astronomy for Engineering Undergrads” at the College of Engineering in Pune.

dhruv coep.png

26th September 2017.

3. Invited talk on Pracitcal Astronomy at the Nakshatra astronomy club, New Delhi. 27th March 2017.


4. Invited talk at the Orchid School in Pune for their monthly science series “Science Beyond Science” on the topic “Physics in Astronomy” for high school students.

dhruv orchid.png

5. Presentation of Observations of Pulsars at Ooty Radio Telescope on December 31st 2016.

dhruv pos.png

6. Talk on Aperture Photometry using Aperture Photometry Tool at Akashmitra on 16th April 2017.

dhruv apt

7. Visit to Mount Wilson Observatory presentation at IUCAA, Pune for their local children’s magazine ‘Chagol’. The talk was attended by Prof. Somak Raychaudhury, Director, IUCAA, Pune.

dhruv somak.png