I am passionate about running, cooking and photography. This page would feature some photos and articles about them.

1. Running

Running has been my passion since school days and I have used it as a weapon to fight against child asthma – a disease I have defeated since August 2011. Here is an article I have written on my take on health and lifestyle. Below is a PDF version of the same article.


10000 Steps a day challenge!

I recently took the 10000 steps a day challenge and have a small group of friends mostly in Pasadena, California who take this activity seriously. Seeing them, I was motivated to take this challenge and I aim to finish 3.65 million steps in 2018. I personally don’t enjoy going to gymnasiums as much as I love going on a mountain top or exercising outdoors. I enjoy meeting people who have similar aims in fitness and looking at them motivates me to continue on this goal.

Left: A group photo with some friends from Pasadena taken at Altadena Crest in Jan 2018. (L-R: Nitin, Ashish, Anu, Rohit, Geetanjali and Me).

2. Cooking

Cooking is an art and I am extremely fond of learning how to cook. I do not say that I am a great cook but even if I reach half the mastery level of my mother in cooking, I would say I have achieved a lot. I enjoy dishes such as Palak Paneer, Pav Bhaji, Kurma Masala, Paneer Kadhai, Batata Wada, Pani-Puri and of course Chaha (Tea)!  Below are some snaps of my cooked dishes.


3. Dogs

Initially very afraid of dogs, I soon found them to be the most loving creatures. My aunt and uncle have always had dogs as pets at their place and my cousin and I grew up playing with them and enjoying their affection. One thing I learned was – however bad your day may have been, the dogs are always extremely happy to welcome you home. Below is a picture with my all time favorite dog, Leo, who was a 3 months old Rottweiler. Unfortunately he passed away in his 4th month and yet left us with so many memories!